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Hiker’s Pantry Fudge and More

Added this evening to TrailCooking is a new recipe for Hiker’s Pantry Fudge which is made of basics that most of us have lying around. This easy fudge pulls together in only a couple minutes and then stores in the refrigerator till time to leave.


OK, you might ask…what is Sarah’s deal with fudge come every fall/winter? I will tell you! Fudge is easy to make, tasty, high calorie, open ended to what you can add for flavorings and add ins and more so? It is easy to nibble on in winter. Just slice off and eat away. You can have it healthy full of nuts and fruit or make versions full of whipping cream and butter. Overlook its heavy weight and realize how tasty it is……

More recipes we have posted for this tasty treat:

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One thought on “Hiker’s Pantry Fudge and More

  1. Bear Scat Fudge, OH Sarah, I can see Lots of trail humor with this treat.
    Make a “form” with them, then when out hiking with friends, palm it and say “Hey look, I think this is Bear Scat!” “Let me check.” then take a bite and say “Yep, It’s bear scat alright, he’s been eating berries, see?” “Mmm, Tasty, want a bite?”
    LOL ! Whut tah Hoot!

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