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Meal Review: Ginger Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakes

My readers know what a long time fan of steam baking I am. It is simple, the results always taste good and more so, it is soft, moist and tender – especially in baked goods. I have used a couple of PackitGourmet’s steam baked goodie mixes with always good results so I was not disappointed with their newest addition their catalog, Ginger Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakes.


The pouch contains the mix and a packet of thick caramel sauce. I found that it is easy to add the 1/2 cup water to the small bag inside that holds the mix and stir till well mixed. Save the outer bag for preparing a meal (it is a Cook-In-Bag so great for FBC style meals!). For the muffin holders I used my trusty Wilton Silly- Feet Silicone Baking Cups , 4 Count. My little Silly Feet are my favorite steaming companion though you can use any silicone or aluminum device you like!

Once mixed up I split the batter up. Mine were filled pretty high, no worries. Just bigger cakes, no? In the pan they went with water to cover the feet and turned the stove on to high.


Easy to make as I mentioned, it is simply covering with a lid and bringing the water to a boil, then lowering the heat to medium low and gently boiling for 10 minutes. Then you let them rest for 5 minutes, lid on, with the stove off.


Last but not least is kneading the caramel sauce and splitting it between the 4 tasty cupcakes. While the directions call for it to be softened in warm water, unless it is very cold out you can skip that.


Oink! Tasty with a mild ginger flavor – even kids will love this dessert. I can say that Ford ate two of them burning hot ;-p


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