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First Test On The Giga

Had time to do a test run on our new Snow Peak Giga Stove this afternoon.

The standards for the test:

37° water (pretty close to the temperature of creek water up high in the Cascade Mountains in summer).

49° outside with a very low breeze.

No windscreen.

Half filled Giga Power fuel canister (we do this because on trips how long do you really have a full canister? The lower the canister, the longer your boil – so take it half way to be fair). Canister was air temperature.

1 Giga Snow Peak stove.

1 GSI Haulite tea kettle with 3 cups water (the perfect amount for a hot FBC meal and a hot beverage)


I did end up with a Piezo igniter on the stove even though at first I was going to just get the standard version. I would have had to buy it online though and just got the fancy version in the end. No loss though, the device is very easy to use.

I prefer testing stoves with a wide bottomed kettle as it is shows how a big pot will fair and is also well balanced. The arm supports worked perfectly with no pot sliding.



5 minutes to 190°, which is perfect for FBC meals.

5 minutes and 40 seconds to a full boil.

The take from it?

Very acceptable boil times for a canister stove. Many stove tests use room temperature water which doesn’t show the full picture – after all, how many times does one have 70° water when backpacking in the mountains? (See REI’s specs here – they use that temp of water in testing).

I am quite happy with how the stove performed though and can see that it will easily become my new go-to canister stove in my pack. Easy. Simple. And fast for what it is.