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Some Favorite Recipes You Might Have Missed

Over the years recipes have sneaked their way onto the website to be missed (I know, I know – we have a lot of recipes on Trail Cooking!). So these are a few you might not have seen. Being that it is nearly 60° here in Western Washington and the first flowers of spring have popped this morning…spring is trying to show up – which means? Time to start thinking about summer trips! And that means planning tasty meals!


Mocha Shake – think a cold shake for breakfast. With a lot of caffeine.

Quick Asian inspired Peanut Sauce – Made with packets and a few spices you can quickly have a dipping sauce or to toss with pasta and rice.

Dehydrated Trail Cake – this was inspired by our good friend Ldyblade. You can eat it like biscotti or have warm “cake” in camp.

Creamy Tomato Soup – also works great as a sauce for pasta and rice.

Pesto Tomato Pasta – a vegetarian friendly meal.

Spicy Beef and Tomato Couscous – hearty meal for two.

Cheesy Bacon Grits – I know I can only eat so much oatmeal before I want something hearty and savory!

That should hopefully get you inspired a bit and as always you can use the index on the left side of Trail Cooking to search the different types of recipes for even more options.


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