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Meal Review: Diner Deluxe Scrambled Eggs

My brother was down visiting so he offered to help out on a test run of PackitGourmet’s Diner Deluxe Scrambled Eggs.


We had opted to try out the sausage version. The meal came with the egg mix, bag of Toastees, 2 oil packets, 2 salsa packets and prep kit (I always get the prep kit that includes folded parchment paper, salt, pepper and hand wipes – because even if I don’t use it with the meal I will at some point. They come in handy for making wraps and sandwiches on the trail! Free is free and it is handy to have.)

My package came in at 8 ounces – from the website it appears that they have altered the recipe a bit maybe? I know the nutritional stats are different, as is the ingredient list on my package (mine had fewer fat grams). But no loss, it is still relatively the same!

Packit uses good dried eggs in their meals. If you expect typical dried eggs from past memories you will be pleasantly surprised. They are not rubbery or watery and taste like fresh eggs. I deviated from the instructions and toasted up the Toastees first (that way our eggs would be super hot at the end). It also go the fry pan hot. I drizzled in a little oil and tossed the crunchy bread over a low flame, then stashed them in a mug. You can use the second packet of oil or instead pack in butter (better!). In cool weather butter carries well and in summer clarified butter (ghee) is extremely shelf stable. A Tablespoon of butter makes the eggs perfect.

Mixing up the eggs is simple – a cup of cool water to the mix in the outer bag. Stir/shake till combined (it will be very thick) and let sit till the bread is toasted. Add to the hot fat of choice and scramble.


A non stick fry pan will be your friend along with a small spatula or spoon and a stove that has an adjustable flame – keep it low and keep the eggs moving. Titanium is not your friend here unless you want fried on eggs.

Turn off the stove when the eggs are set but still a little shiny/wet looking. The carry over heat will continue cooking a bit more. Serve up with the Toastees split between the 2 servings and salsa if desired – we found the eggs didn’t need any! They had plenty of flavor, packed full of sausage, veggies and cheese.


A definite winner and extremely easy to make. As long as one uses a non stick pan clean up is simple (wipe out the pan to remove any left over egg and wash). And yes, it will fill you up! It is the equivalent of 6 eggs for the whole package. Just add in some fresh fruit and you are good to go.


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  1. Is the CAPTCHA fucntion broken on I cannot create an account there or use the contact form because it keeps giving the error that “The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct.” However, I am definitely inputting it correctly. I love your sites and wanted to ask some questions about a cookware and stove recommendation. Please advise on the status of the account signup and contact features on the Trail Cooking site. Thanks!

  2. Craig,
    Kirk is looking into it….sorry it is acting up for you!
    You can email me at sarah at trailcooking dot com with any questions though!


  3. Friends,
    I just found your site today and have viewed a couple of your videos so far and loved them! You all make simple food look so grand and it looks so inviting and you can almost taste it as it looks so fresh and deleicous! Thank you for showing it only takes a little to go a long way and the items mixed together can make a wonderful meal.
    I have wanted to locate items such as, dried cabbage, potatoes, herbs, eggs, cheese, butter, etc., but cannot seem to find a place where i might order from. Can you all make a suggestion or recommend a site I might go to in order to obtain these items. (Items such as the herbs and such you used in the chicken meal with noodles you cooked on a picnic table on a mountain top I think was in Washington.) I would greatly appricate any help.
    In closing I want to thank yu for making these videos on You Tube. They will help me in many ways to betetr myself for the outdoors and making life a little better in getting the kids to eat. May GOD watch over and bless you all and your families and through GODS Gracious love, may HE keep all of you safe and well everyday and bring all of you through any storms that might arise both natural or man made.

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