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Fun Alternatives For Steam Baking

Steam baking is one of my favorite trail luxuries. For the past year or two I have been using Wilton Silly- Feet Silicone Baking Cups most often.


I was poking around Amazon this morning and noticed a couple new styles to check out. I really like these and will be picking them up:

Wilton Silly Critters Baking Cups


Love that they have feet yet a lower profile. They may well work better in smaller pots or wide flat pots that are not very high. The feet allow you to use them without a “riser” in your pot.

These options need a riser to protect the silicone from sitting directly on the pot’s bottom – the riser helps diffuse heat.
Silicone Bowl Strainer

You can also find a similar product sold at PackitGourmet as both a full baking set and the riser by itself.

If you travel with small children they would LOVE these!
Wilton Bear Silicone Fun Cups

And these think tulip shaped ones would be light in pack weight:
Orka Silicone Set of 6 Tulip Muffin Cups, Red and Blue

I love these tiny bowls – for the solo hiker if you wanted to steam an egg you would be able to even in a small Ti mug:
Norpro 4-Piece Silicone Mini Flexible Pinch Bowl Set

Lots of options out there!


5 thoughts on “Fun Alternatives For Steam Baking

  1. I stumbled onto the web site and blog recently while researching backpacking stoves and cookware. Years ago I was an avid backpacker and canoe trekker, but haven’t done much for the past few years. I have an itch to get back outdoors and get active, so I am trying to re-acquire the necessary gear and want to get it right. One of the areas that I have had the most difficulty with is cooking. I love food and am a pretty good gourmet-type cook at home, so just boiling water and eating freeze dried meals out of the bag does not appeal to me. I will mostly be cooking solo and want the flexibility of making different foods. I will be packaging most of my own foods using ideas from both “The Back-Country Kithen” book by Teresa Marrone as well as this web site. So, based on the gear recommendations on this site (, I am thinking about getting the wider 1.3L Evernew DX 3 non-stick Titanium pot and pan set ( and a wide-flame, simmer capable canister stove such as the Brunton Flex ( I’m thinking that the pot/pan combination would give the flexibility and space to boil water, fry, bake (utilizing your steam baking ideas with the footed silicone baking cups mentioned above), one-pot meals, etc. for one person and maybe even two, if necessary. I’m not sure that the 900 ml pot/pan would be big enough. Please let me know your thoughts on this setup. Any suggestions based on your experience would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. The 1.3 Liter size that is wider/shorter in size is a good solid choice for solo trips. You will have enough room to do actual cooking, even fry little fishies if you wanted to! I don’t go under 1 Liter as you really lose the ability to do cooking – it becomes more a small water boiler.
    I have enjoyed my MSR Ti pot – You just have to be careful to never let a Ti pot run dry, they can warp (I learned that lesson!).

  3. Sarah… Thanks for the prompt response! Do you think that that particular pot with the deeper lid/pan top would be big enough to bake 4 muffins inside? The pot is nearly 6″ wide and 4.5″ deep (with the lid on). If so, I will probably get the pan and some muffin liners ASAP. Do you think that the lower profile Silly Critters cups are high enough off the bottom of the pan to work for baking compared to the Silly Feet that have plenty of room for water without touching the bottom of sides of the cups?

  4. If I remember right I can get about 3 of them in the MSR pot, where in my GSI Backpacker 2 Liter pot I can get all 4. I prefer the Silly Feet definitely as they work the best 🙂


  5. Wow what a great idea – do you have any recipes to share. I have never done any steam baking.


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