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New Gear From LLBean

There was a point in my life when more than half my outdoor gear had LLBean splattered on it. It was well made gear, it lasted and worked well. Then they kind of took a turn where they were not producing much – to my sadness. Then I went UL and that cut out a lot as well. I picked up the mail this morning and noticed the new Spring 2010 Outdoors catalog was here…so I flipped it open – and got a pleasant surprise…they have gear I like once again!

The Sprout Pack for the 6 to 10 year old set is fab! For less than $30 you get a pack that can take a hydration bladder, sternum strap with built in whistle, water bottle pockets and it weighs a meager 1 lb. A good fitting pack is the #1 thing ALL parents need for young kids. If they are comfy they will take faster to hiking!


The Kids Adventure 20° sleeping bag is a bargain at $69. It isn’t the lightest option out there (The North Face Tigger is lighter) but hey, $69 for a full featured bag? Bargain!


The Mountain Heather Daypack for ladies. $49 and 3 color choices. A small lightweight pack that scrunches up and is ready to go if you need a minimalist backpack for urban strolls. Love the tiny wrist bag that comes with it. This is fashionable and usable!


Low Cut Mountain Tread Hikers. I have been pondering returning to a stiffer low cut shoe for hiking. I like the freedom of low cuts but most trail runners are not supportive enough. The ones I have been wearing (and buying new pairs every year) are not showing up anymore on Merrell’s website. They were one of the few with a decent shank so I didn’t get my foot issues back. The Bean ones are made in Europe….shocking! Same price as my others at $119 so I’d be happy – and from previous experience Bean shoes fit my feet well.


Off to do more reading…..I do believe I see my next pair of shoes though….


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