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New Recipes and Other Things

Lets play catch up!

New recipes up on Trail Cooking:

Bacon and Cheese Pasta

Huckleberry Donuts

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New gear for spring?

New to the Trail Cooking Store is the Minimalist FBC Cozy as a Starter Kit.

We have a few more clearance cozies. Check them out.

Cool trail things:

An interactive trail guide written by great locals for the Mt. Rainier area. If you live in the PNW or are planning a visit, check it out!

Another one for us PNW folks is this guide to the Cedar River Divide, one of my favorite areas to explore. It isn’t true wilderness and a lot of it us peons are not allowed into (it provides Seattle’s water supply) but what it does have is sublime and quietly used. The PCT runs through part of it as well.

New Trail Food?

OK, I have babies on the brain. I can’t help it. If you have a little one check out Sprout Organic Baby Food. Portable and good for your wee ones!


(Feeling every bit preggo these days as we do the final count down!)

Check out this trail bar recipe by hiking partners of ours, the Hill Brothers. This is a good one!

Two new recipes in this month’s new WTA Wa Trails Magazine “Trail Eats” just out in the mail today. We are on page 35 of the March/April 2010 issue.


I am very biased in saying that I feel that Wa Trails is one of the best reads around – and is a non profit written by hikers!


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