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Old Photos Found

Teresa “Dicentra” (One Pan Wonders) my long time friend and hiking partner was digging through stuff and came across a couple forgotten CD’s of photos from past trips we had done. A number of these photos I hadn’t seen before! From 2004 and 2005 mostly 🙂

A very young Ford on the way up Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge, Wa. I love the look on his face!


Ford ahead of me, with the summit in sight:


A shot of me:


Ford and I above treeline on Dog Mountain with the Columbia River and Oregon behind us:


I think this photo was taken on the PCT at Sourdough Gap in Washington:


Not sure where we were but it makes me think of the trail to Stuart Lake near Leavenworth, Wa:


Ford with our friend Jeremy who we sadly lost a couple weeks ago. Seeing this photo brought a smile to my face that I cannot describe, it was the trip where we all met Jer.


I’d bet if I asked Ford he’s know what trail we were on! He has a memory that is scary about trails, even ones he hiked 6 to 8 years ago!


Foggy trails to alpine are always fun!


In 2004 Rainrunner, The_Turtle and Dicentra and I went up to Whidbey Island for a girl’s weekend. One hike was a fav 10 mile loop of mine across Ebey Preserve, Ebey’s Landing and through Ft. Ebey State Park. You get ocean, beach and forest! We had stopped for lunch in the woods above the ocean as we headed for the home stretch:


A photo of Ford and I with another hiker, Sea Coyote on the way to Lake Stuart:


We used to try to get out yearly to Lake Ozette on the Olympic Coast around Valentines Day. Rainrunner and me making salad in a bag for our communal group dinner out at Sand Point. (The next year Kirk proposed to me out on this beach!)


So many memories!