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Book Review: The Great Divide

A week or two ago one of the guys on one of the hiking forums sent me a care package of books to read (thanks!!) and in it was a copy of The Great Divide– A Walk Through American Along The Continental Divide by Stephen Pern.


The book came out in 1987 originally and was written from the viewpoint of Stephen, an Englishman. The first chapter or so is a bit stiff but once he gets into America and starts his hike his writing style blooms, opens up and becomes an easy read. You get the feeling of him walking through Americana, of a time in America – very rural Western America – that doesn’t exist very much now.

As you get into the heart of the book my mind thought of another book, Dances With Marmots – A Pacific Crest Trail Adventure. George’s book has a similar flow. If you liked Dances, you will enjoy this book.

The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) is a wild trail even today. I cannot imagine his walking it even in the 80’s, picking a path of his own to beat the weather and to be able to get food drops. There wasn’t much of a trail back then.