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DIY Salsa, Dehydrating Salsa and Dry Salsa Mixes

Salsa makes so much better taste wise (the ketchup of modern times?). If you can find packets of it great, but they are not so easy to come up with. The best I have found for convenience is the picante packets at McDonald’s. It is mild and spreads easily. If one asks nicely they may be able to score some.

Online there are single serving options as well or you can at times find tubs in the grocery store or C-stores.

An example – these are 4 ounce tubs of shelf stable salsa:


Want an easy way to make salsa? How about a DIY dry mix? See our recipe over on Trail Cooking, easily made from finds from online sources such as Harmony House Foods. The recipe can easily made while setting up camp or walking on the trail.


Another way is to dry your favorite salsa at home, using a food dehydrator. Check out our Dehydrating 101 for the how-to to get started!


Last but not least you can find ready to go mixes online and in some health food stores where all you need is water and time for it to rehydrate. Check out the all natural options that Frontier Foods offers – Tex Mex Salsa and Picante Mexicana.

Backpacker’s Pantry sells a mix as well. that can be mild or spicy.