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Instant Yogurt

Yogurt powder is a pretty cool product – we have used it many times, often in smoothies. If you buy large packages of the powder from Frontier Foods it comes with directions on how to make “instant” yogurt. You will need yogurt powder and Guar Gum. Bob’s Red Mill is a great choice brand-wise and can be found in many grocery stores – look in the gluten free section. It is often used as a binder/stabilizer in GF cooking.


It is important for it to work that you follow the directions carefully on the yogurt powder. We tried it two ways to see what would happen and if you stray…well, it isn’t pretty. Lumpy is the key description 😉 You will also want to consider packing a tiny whisk for best results.

Package the dry yogurt powder in a quart size bag. In a small bag pack the guar gum. You will also want to pack sugar. Add the warm water as called for to the yogurt powder. Whisk until fully mixed, then slowly whisk in the guar gum. You must do it in this order – if you add the guar gum to to yogurt before the water it clumps and lumps up. Keep whisking until fully mixed up and then let sit for at least 5 minutes – it will thicken up nicely. Whisk in sugar to taste.


Fair warning: this isn’t yogurt like many are used to. If you are used to super sweet yogurt that is pudding thick you will want to pass. But if you like Euro style yogurt it could work out great for you!


2 thoughts on “Instant Yogurt

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I love tart yogurt and was thinking of buying the yogurt powder. However, I would like to use it in other kinds of dishes/recipes. Do you have any idea or recipe that could work with it?
    My guess is that will add a nice creamy touch to some sauces, but I’m not sure…
    Thanks a lot,

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