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Gear Find: Light My Fire Little Sporks

If you have little ones (infant, toddlers and even younger elementary school age) under your feet and you love taking them hiking, be sure to take a look at Light My Fire’s recently released Little Spork.

spork little gl

They come in 7 colors, at REI they are in 3 packs. We picked up the green/black and white pack. They have a blue/white and a pink/white pack as well.

The sporks are very cute – LMF’s typical spoon on one end, fork on the other but unlike the adult version no serrated knife. Well, personally? I’d use the kid’s version myself! I have never been a huge fan of the serrated edge on the bigger versions (on the edge of the fork). I nearly always just used the spoon only. For things like pasta salad in a tub or pudding, yogurt, baby food, etc these sporks would work well for any age. They won’t work well in bags or deep containers – they are short, coming in only at 5 1/2″ long.


2 thoughts on “Gear Find: Light My Fire Little Sporks

  1. Our three year old plus tens have been using the full sized units for a year now, even if oversized. Don’t need these new things to make their lives easier.

  2. The biggest advantage with the smaller ones is no knife on the fork. For wee ones parents may find this attractive enough to buy them.

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