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Tulips and A Meadow

Kirk’s parents are visiting so we all went North for the day to see the tulips in bloom up in Skagit County at the annual tulip festival. With a break in the nasty weather we have been having all week we soaked up the sun and balmy temps today! The gardens and fields at Roozengarrde were well worth the cost of admission.

They had many gorgeous gardens displaying the never ending varieties of tulips, daffodils and irises. Even I was impressed and I have a hatred of bulbs due to our houses former owner…..(me spending many a day digging out tight wads of bulbs while I would rather have been sipping lemonade….)


My two boys loitering in front of a mini windmill:


Walker isn’t big enough for his Chariot jogger stroller and I have to say if you have mad stroller skillzs you can take a cheap Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frameoffroad 😉 I have been abusing the thing since he was born and for $55 it has performed far above my expectations – just need to get another month along and we can use our super stroller!

But back to the bulbs….Skagit County is well known for its wonderful displays in spring. Even just driving around is worth the crowds, getting out and walking the fields is even better. The fields went from one color to another, blending gorgeously.


After the tulips we crossed the highway and headed over to Padilla Bay. I hadn’t been out there since Ford was little, sadly maybe 8 years ago. The center is run by The Department of Ecology (Washington State) and is open 7 days a week and even better is free. It has a neat interpretive center for kids (and adults) along with beach access and two trails. We chose the shorter Upland Trail which is a lollipop loop. Again super cheapo stroller came through shining (we bought a Bjorn front pack but I am not so comfy with how he sits in it so far – his face is buried in my chest!). This was Walker’s first real hike 🙂

F0rd pushing his baby brother up the first paved part:


Heading up to the meadows we passed a lot of stinging Nettles and flowering Salmonberry.


Ford smiling for me after passing off Walker to Dad. Had it been clear Mt. Baker would have been visible across the fields, though I could see the Black Buttes covered in the late snow that came this week (after what was a very warm and dry winter!). Somewhere I have a photo of Ford here in this spot when he was 3 or 4 years old.


Kirk, Ford, Walker and Kirk’s Dad ahead of us:


Looking across the water towards Anacortes (Fidalgo Island) to the Tesero oil refinery (the one sadly in the news this week that had a bad explosion). In the far distance the highest bump is Mt. Erie which is in the ACFL (Anacortes Community Forest Lands) – a great hiking system that Ford cut his “hiking teeth” on years ago.


The last section of the trail dips down into a forested section with even a shelter for humans. Kids LOVE this trail.


But alas, the trail was short and the end near.



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