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Food Find: Go Lean Crunchy! Bars

Kirk had picked up the combo pack of Go Lean’s Crunchy! Bars at Costco awhile back and recently I gave them a trial run. The box has 3 of the 5 flavors they make.

Chocolate Caramel is my favorite so far:


The Chocolate Peanut is also very tasty:


The box also has Chocolate Almond in it, which I haven’t tried yet:


They also make Cinnamon Coffee Cake and Chocolate Pretzel which I am going to hunt down to try out.

The bars are a nice blend of sweetness and heartiness. Not the super sweetness of a candy bar but better than the typical energy bar. The bottom of the bars are coated in chocolate, the top is crunchy puffed goodness with added items. They have fiber, protein and are reasonable in sodium. Hearty enough they won’t fall apart in a backpack but still edible by me with braces on. And with Kashi products they are natural with no fake flavors or colors added. The flavors are great – and these bars are in my pack for spring!


One thought on “Food Find: Go Lean Crunchy! Bars

  1. D*mn, I love those Chocolate Caramel ones with the popcorn in them! So so so good and actually reasonably good for you. Be advised, those Kashi bars get kind of stale kind of quickly. I had a total disappointment on the trail, though it was my own fault for keeping them for so long.

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