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Testing Out Walker’s New Bob Jogger

When Ford was little my favorite piece of gear was an InStep jogger stroller I scraped the money together to buy. He was in by 4 months and we had so many adventures – and thousands of miles walked over the years. It gave me freedom most simply. With Walker now over 2 weeks old and all I had was our small stroller that the car seat sits in…well, yes, I could get out and walk but it wasn’t comfortable for me over any distance. And a typical stroller has little clearance due to tiny wheels. Being spring I miss training for summer hiking and a good jogger is a ticket to walk for long periods!

So after a lot of studying Kirk and I picked up a Bob Revolution jogger stroller at REI. Outside of it being the Cadillac of joggers, the biggest selling point for us was being able to buy an infant car seat adapter for it – meaning we could get Walker out right away and not have to wait months for him to be bigger/stronger.

It sets up easily right out of the box, literally putting the wheels on and removing packaging. The car seat adapter takes tools but goes on quick enough. Warning is that the adapter only works for a couple of the hottest selling car seats, but we had no issues as we are using one of those. We added on a parent handlebar console as well which I am happy to say works perfect with my favorite Camelbak squeeze bottles.

Walker and I out today on a local rail to trail:


The nice thing about the adapter is baby faces you so you keep an eye on them at all times. You do need to keep the speed down (no jogging!) until the baby is older. Clearance is fantastic even on rough gravel trails – this is a jogger meant for fun and getting dirty.

More to come as Walker and I break it in! Having the freedom to go is priceless and I cannot wait to try it out on the trail along the Carbon River at Rainier (the old road) that is open to bikes.


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  1. Sure! As long as bikes are allowed these joggers can go – I hauled my older son around for years in a jogging stroller as well. As long as I had the energy to push him up hills or down them we made it 😀

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