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Food Find: Kashi TLC Cookies

On the way back from island hopping yesterday we stopped at a small grocery store that was a hybrid regular and natural foods store. Looking for a snack for the family I saw Kashi TLC Cookies on the shelf – which somehow I had never seen before in stores. My loss!

Of the 3 varieties (Oatmeal Raisin Flax, Happy Trail Mix and Oatmeal Dark Chocolate) I picked up the Oatmeal Dark Chocolate figuring Ford would enjoy it more due to a lack of chunky nuts.


The package has 8 soft cookies – which I will admit are not “cookie cookies” for those not used to Kashi products but are quite tasty overall. Think gently sweet and chewy but not typical of a cookie you get in the grocery store. They satisfy though!

They average 130 to 140 calories per cookie and a nice amount of fiber. For a hiking treat they will fill you up and take longer to burn through, with no pesky sugar crash 30 minutes later.

Keep an eye out and try them – they are worth the looking for them.


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