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Spring Strolling With My Boys

You get a day like today and you run outside to enjoy it! Blue skies and warm temps – well before noon 🙂 So Ford and I packed up Walker and took a hike on a local rail to trail and gave Kirk a couple hours of quiet time.

I swear Ford walked an extra mile or two, going up and down the hillsides, exploring every side trail around. Ford is on the right, going up and over the first tunnel on the trail.


This particular trail is wide and smooth but does have a couple easy ups and downs, where many RTT’s are uphill one way. It was an old coal line for a private company back in its day.


Walker and I, did I mention last weekend how much freedom the BOB jogger has given us? Love it!


Ford was wanting to go run through these woods but he reconsidered it after seeing how many blackberry bushes were growing 😉


Walker was enjoying the walk. He got to see a lot of people, from runners to walkers, tons of dogs and even a couple horses, one of which was scared of the jogger stroller. Horses for all their magnitude can be pretty dumb if they see something new. At least dealing with skittery horses isn’t hard – just stay far away until the rider gets them under control.

The lake was in its early spring bloom, with ducks in the water as a bonus.


Ford far ahead checking out a recently repaired section that had slumped into the lake:


Heading back home into the trees:


No hard core miles or elevation but an easygoing morning with my kids. And I like that! Add in a warm spring morning full of birds and blooming trees? Heavenly!