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Food Find: Near East Pasta

Out shopping in an upscale grocery store I came across Near East Pasta – which I had seen before but had never tried. Consider it a fancier version of say Knorr/Lipton side dishes. I picked up the Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil flavor to try out.


Easy to prep, this meal only needs water for boiling the pasta and a packet of olive oil and your meal is ready! It has a great taste and takes to other things being added. A liberal dose of Parmesan cheese and a can of oil packed tuna, maybe cook some freeze dried vegetables with the pasta as well, and you have a meal for two in 10 minutes that is very tasty!


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Near East Pasta

  1. I and others often hike in areas with limited water or drought conditions. A quart of water takes considerable effort to bring to the campsite, thus I avoid pastas as they have to be drained before eating.

    What do you do with the water you drain from your pasta dishes? Reserve and drink seperately? Pour on the ground?

  2. In areas with little water I don’t recommend doing one pot meals involving boiling pasta. What I would recommend is using baked ramen, chuka soba noodles or precooked and dehydrated past that only needs to be soaked in hot water (and you can use a minimum amount to do it).
    If say a box of pasta mix calls for 6 cups water you can cut it down to half that as well. Much of the water will be absorbed into the pasta during cooking. If one wants they can reserve that cooking water (and use in a sauce if needed, say if using a dry mix that calls for a cup of water or milk, you use the reserved water) or yes, you could use any left over water to make a cup of soup, etc.

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