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Gear Review: Shockles

Kirk came across the Shockles® PetKeeper™ at REI when we bought our BOB Jogging stroller recently.


So you might be wondering why I might mention a pet item in relation to that? Well, with jogging strollers you need a tether to make sure that if you ever fall you don’t let go of it. While the strollers usually come with one I have never been a fan of them as you wear it on your hand, around your wrist. The Shockles though use carabiners – one attaches to whatever and the other one to the adult. I can be hands free and have it attached to my pack belt or my belt loop. Quick on and off we go. The other bonus is it stretches – having give can be good. I tossed the tether into the gear closet and replaced it with this and have been very happy with it.

The other off label use would be as a tether system for older children – we used a hand sewn tether with Ford when he was young – 3 to 6 years old – to keep him close to us, something to not take lightly when near drop offs, water or in cougar territory. You attach one end to you, the other to the child’s pack or belt loop. This Keeper will come in handy for the next few years.

And I am sure that when we get a family dog we will be picking up another one for the actual prescribed use 😉

They are not cheap but are made in the US. They are high quality and have good workmanship.


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