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2 Recipes From A Reader

We keep up two Facebook pages – one for TrailCooking and other for Freezer Bag Cooking. One of our readers Shelli recently added a couple of her recipes to the discusion boards on the FBC page 🙂


so. i am IN LOVE with my dehydrator. and freezer bags.
so…with all of the crazy experimenting i came up with…i thought i would share one that WOW’d my friends in the kings canyon backcountry.

this was a dessert.
ok. so background: i was up in the fingerlakes and we were doing a lil winery hopping backpack trip. we rounded out the event at monica’s pies (made an appearance on food network, FAB pies!) and simply had to have some strawberry rhubarb pie.
problem: you cant by it by the slice.
and WHAT am i gonna do with a whole pie???
so, i took the remainder home, and smashed it up. spread it around the dehydrator.
ended up with crunchy pie crumbles.
Pie A’La Mode in the backcountry:
dehydrated pie (flavor up to you)
vanilla pudding mix
powdered milk
put desired amount of dehydrated pie in a freezer bag.
in a separate bag (doesnt have to be freezer) put desired amt of pudding mix and milk powder. (i used 1/2 package mix and a few T of milk powder for 2ppl)
at camp
add cold water to pudding mix, but NOT A LOT. you want to get a creamy, thick dollop type consistancy vs. pudding.
mix the pudding mix, and set in cold stream.
after about 10 minutes in the stream, start on the pie:
add boiled/hot water to pie. NOT A LOT, just enough to rehydrate a tad to a “crumble” consistancy. (you may have to play around with amount)
once pie has rehydrated to a thicker crumble like dessert, remove pudding from stream. add a dollop of the “a la mode” to the pie, and wala! warm pie, and cool creamie “ice cream”!
i had my hiking partners begging for more 🙂

Part 2:

shizzie on a shingle.

basically? “sausage gravy and biscuits”
the CHEAP way!
what to buy:
powdered sausage gravy with real sausage bits in the packet (found this at walmart)
buttered “just add water” instant mashed potatoes (again. walmart. or whatever…)
just rehydrate 1/2 the package of potatoes
rehydrate 1/2 pack of the gravy
top potatoes with gravy….WALA!
sausage gravy on biscuits!
(feeds 2)
more extravagant:
dehydrate cooked sausage crumbles (rehydrate separately with boiling water in freezer bag. mix in gravy powder when you have about 2 minutes left)
top potatoes with that.
carbs. fat. protien!
perfect cold morning alternative to oatmeal…

Thank you Shelli!