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Food Find: Annie Chun’s Korean Sweet Chili Noodle Bowls

I have long loved Annie Chun’s products – they can be found in many grocery stores, often in the “ethnic sections” or the “Asian” section. The Noodle Bowls in particular are easy to prepare and taste great with 6 varieties to choose from. The Korean Sweet Chili bowl is a fun one to try, mildly spicy but full of flavor.


Easy to prepare the meal even comes with its own bowl. Inside find a pouch of precooked noodles, a sack of dried vegetables and a sauce packet. You can use the bowl or prepare the noodles in a freezer bag or mug. Cover the noodles and vegetables with boiling water and let sit for a minute or two, then drain. Toss with sauce!

The only real downside of the meals is the really high sodium count. Be forewarned that the package is “2 servings” (which come on, no one is going to eat half of it. I really hate when companies do that!). You can cut back on the sauce to control some of the sodium (it has a lot of sauce) or a better option would be to add more vegetables and meat (presoaking it to rehydrate, then add in) and make a large 2 person bowl.


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