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Spring Strolling

If one thing that is nearly always true is that each child is different. I have found that with Walker he loves nothing more than being strapped into his BOB jogging stroller but put him in a front carrier and he wails. Ford, when little, would hang out in a front pack happy as can be. But hey….at least I have options and he loves one of them. Walker is 7 weeks old now and we have settled into a routine of sorts – we go walking most days. On the weekends I try to get in a good stroll with Ford along. Ford likes pushing the stroller so who am I to complain?

So it has changed how we hike for the next couple months – or until he is a bit older and happier with the front pack.We are working on it daily. Overall I think the issue is he gets bored staring at my shirt where as in the jogger he has the world to see.

But that is OK – we have so many rail to trails here in Western Washington that we won’t grow bored anytime soon. In all seriousness we live in an area where RTT’s are everywhere. Some are paved, others like the short but always enjoyable Green To Cedar Rivers trail is hard packed. We walk on this one often as it is very bike friendly, hence jogger stroller friendly. It is a pretty trail, follows a lake and spends much of the miles under a canopy of trees.


It is close by so I toss the kids in the truck and still feel like I got out. Sure, it isn’t this:


(Which is OK becuase that gorgeous field of flowers is still buried under 10 to 15 feet of snow!)

So we enjoy the green canopy, the birds and a couple 100 squirrels along with many others out enjoying a blue sky warm morning:


Walker was happy as usual, rocking gently along in his ride (the BOB Revolution jogger should be nominated for “Best Invention For Active Parents” – it is such a wonderful tool) :


I am re-learning so much about having a little one and loving it every bit. Even figuring out how to change diapers on the side of the trail and how to feed him while out. I am grateful that he loves the outdoors as much as his big brother and is happy to have lunch at home or surrounded by wild roses.

I am grateful I live in an area where I can stay active and still take my children with me – on trails that while are not wilderness are by all means still pretty. In a couple more weeks he will be old enough to take on other bike friendly trails that are bumpier so I am looking forward to that!