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Family Hiking On The Preston Snoqualmie Trail

Last weekend Kirk and I took the boys out for another family hike on Sunday morning. There had been an iffy weather forecast – one of those it might rain, it might not but we went anyways. Our reward for going was blue skies and warm temperatures – and it rained on the way home. I liked that.

I picked doing the last section of the Preston Snoqualmie Trail which is in the King County Parks Department. The trail itself connects to downtown Issaquah now, allowing people to bike or walk there all the way from Seattle now. As is, the best section is the last couple miles for sheer scenic views. There is even dirt hiking paths that go over the ridge to connect to even more trails. So while not wilderness you won’t grow bored as you head East on I-90 out of Seattle. The whole trail is paved making this trail for the most part fully accessible for everyone – and perfect for jogging strollers.

The trail quickly goes into the woods and while you do pass houses in the start they are rural and blend in. Everything was blooming and growing – from Salmon Berries to Stinging Nettle, Devils Club to Dicentra flowers in pink. Even blue flowers that I should have taken a photo of. Plenty of coyote scat around and warnings about bears waking up for the season. I have a soft spot for these trails on the edge of suburbia.


The trail ends as you come around a bend. There is an overlook in the trees, shaded nicely, of Snoqualmie Falls (not very visible in the photo sadly) with a couple benches and even a garbage can. The old rail bed does continue – it went downhill from there down to the Snoqualmie River. For now though, that section is off limits. The view of the falls is always nice though it gets hard to see in spring due to the trees leafing. You can see the Salish Lodge above the falls as well.


Heading back, right before the end of the trail they have added a picnic table in the open area (I am guessing this was a turning area back in the day as it is a perfect circle?). The table is dandy for sitting and enjoying the sun and the grass perfect for kids to play on. We stopped and had a break, Walker was hungry.


Kirk and Ford ahead of me, Kirk pushing Walker along. I enjoyed the walk back and had a pleasant time looking at the I-90 peaks still snow capped above North Bend and East to Snoqualmie Pass.


On the way back I heard sounds above and looked up. Two hawks were soaring above me and not far away I could see a large nest. That was quite neat to see.

A lot of green everywhere: