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Mini Sleeping Bags

Kirk and I were out running errands last night and ended up in the local Fred Meyers (a NW chain that is always fun to shop). We were going down the sporting goods aisles and came across a display of tiny sleeping bags – they were minis of the big ones they sell, so that customers can check them out without removing them from the packaging.


(You know these are sooo not high end when the price tag on one reads $16.99.)

Kirk looks at them and says “These are so baby size!”


And literally they were.


We were laughing, Walker was so not amused with us. We’d have posed him in one…..but yeah, we didn’t need to have the clerks “Sir! Those are display models!” 😉


2 thoughts on “Mini Sleeping Bags

  1. haha! i had the same idea after our little one was born… those sleeping bags are pretty funny. they have mini tents at some stores too.

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