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Recipe Re-Do Time: Mango Curry

By now many of you have figured out that I love to do “re-do’s” of a certain magazines backcountry recipes. It isn’t that they don’t have good recipes – they do – but they often are aimed at the casual hiker who doesn’t mind carrying two pots, a lot of fuel and so on. I like seeing a viable recipe and seeing how well you can convert it to a simpler way. In this recipe I took it down to one pot by doing the rice/lentils in a freezer bag, or as we call it “FBC Hybrid” where the sauce is made in your pot but the starch or carb is in the bag.

We decided to add in chicken for a heartier meal, to bump up the protein, and tweaked the spices. By using instant rice and precooked/dehydrated lentils (the original recipe called for raw on both of those) you save not only time but fuel – and frankly with how easy it is to do lentils at home it is hard to justify carrying raw lentils (or buy online for even easier hiking).

The recipe for Mango Chicken Curry over Lentils and Rice is on Trail Cooking.



At just over 40 grams of protein this meal will fuel you!


2 thoughts on “Recipe Re-Do Time: Mango Curry

  1. This looks really good Sarah. I’m dehydrating lentils right now so I can play with this recipe. Bought mangos today. I’m so ready for summer.

  2. I made this on a trip last year in the Adirondack’s. It was amazing, one of our favorite meals of the trip!

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