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Random Photos

I was going through a pile of older photos – pre-digital camera days – and came across a couple older photos that Kirk scanned in (thanks!).

As much as I wax on about my love for the Bob Revolution jogger stroller, back in the dark ages choices were pretty limited. I bought Ford his first jogger when he was a couple months old. It was heavy, bulky and pretty straight forward (no shocks for example) but the freedom it gave us to hike was fantastic:


We often hiked at a local trail system that was bike friendly. Ford would have been 2 – 3 at the time I am guessing.

In the summer of 2002 when Ford was 4 1/2 we spent from spring to fall hiking 2-3 days a week. Ford had reached this glorious stage where he could do long miles and so off we went. From the Olympic Mountains to the North Cascades in Washington State we explored.

Us at Cascade Pass in NCNP early that summer:


A year before I had taught hiking classes for women and this was an outing in the Olympic Mountains (I am in the middle):


It was a fun thing to do and I met a lot of great ladies through it.