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A Morning Out

With what has seemed like a never ending rain storm (it rained ALL week) this morning there was a small window of what promised to be clear. Not sunny but at least no rain. We liked that! My brother was visiting and offered to give Kirk and I some “us” time. It is always so awful to leave the baby behind the first time but I knew he would be happy to see us when we got home.

Kirk and I headed up I-90 to Talapus/Olallie Lakes Trail which is close in but still in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Easy to get to and a quicker hike to avoid the potential afternoon rain promised. We got there early and managed to avoid most of the masses – going up.

I wore a hiking skirt this trip. I think I may like it, we will see with more miles.


The trail goes quickly and is mostly in open forest on the way up:


The trail walks up the outlet creek which was rushing nicely:


We reached Talapus Lake and decided to keep going on. After all, if you get a rare kid free hike you might as well enjoy it!


Around 3600 feet we were on near solid snow. Someone (me) realized that her newer trail runners are not Goretex lined (which I had forgotten but I did buy them that way on purpose – much cooler in hot weather). I decided that my feet were getting good and chilly so called it a day. We were not too far away from the upper lake but oh well.


The streams were pouring like crazy, with there being still a couple feet of snow it will be this way for awhile. If it wasn’t snow, it was shoe sucking mud.


We headed back down to Talapus Lake:


On the way down it was a steady line of people heading up. Going early is indeed worth it.


As we got into the car it started to sprinkle. We timed it right!

It was a nice hike, nothing spectacular but as always being outside felt good. Nice scenery and an easy trail – a perfect hiking date!