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Mary Janes Farm’s New Line

Mary Jane Farm’s line of dehydrated instant meals has long been known for being vegetarian and sourcing organic when it can. Finding 3 new meals with organic beef? Wow! The only thing better would be if they had used Bison instead 😉 Check out IEATMEAT for more info on the who, what and where.And an ode to hunting as well.

The meals are not cheap though – not by any means. Expect to pay $11.25 to $13.50 per package. And like all MJ meals these really only serve 1 person (though the packages are 1 1/2 servings). They are great sources of protein though. The Tex-Mex Beef Casserole has over 37 grams of protein in it.


They also have out Shepherd’s Meat Pie and Chili con Carne. The links are to REI – the meals do not show up on the MJ website in the food section. This will be interesting to see how the meals fare, more organic choices are always nice!


One thought on “Mary Janes Farm’s New Line

  1. I feasted on the Shepherd’s Meat Pie earlier this week while in the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. It’s tasty! Not only was the meat good, but I liked the mashed potatoes as well. I usually have bad luck with dehydrated mashed potatoes, so that was notable. Overall I think it is now my favorite MJ meal.

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