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A Morning on the Iron Horse Trail

Kirk and I were hoping to get out today with the family so we chose a section of the Iron Horse Trail. After the last two weeks of dumpy, blah rain filled days this morning was blinding blue skies and balmy temps. No way were we staying home!

We drove up I-90 to Exit #38 to Olallie State Park and started from there to get up to the trail (there is both a road and a trail you can take, we took the road as it is a bit more graded). We headed East and enjoyed the many trestle bridges that span high above the creeks far below. With the snow up high finally melting and the rain I mentioned, the creeks were all running high and fast, so very much worth the walk. If any of you remember I had a brilliant idea a year ago to walk the trail from top to bottom – this March my toe nails finally looked good once again (I didn’t lose any but came close to it and heavily bruised them due to poor footwear choice). The section I took the family on is the best part IMO. It has views, is more quiet and the trestles are fun.

Walker snoozed through much of the hike/stroll and was quite content in his BOB jogger as usual. Life is rough when you have servants to push you around…..

At REI we had picked up a JJ Cole body support liner recently that we dropped into the stroller. He loves the thing. It was an odd find, they had 2 of them, marked down 50% but not on the website or anything. It does though work wonderfully, is reversible (micro fleece and microfiber) and keeps then snug and happy. Mr. Snoozy Pants sleeping…

The trestle over Change Creek:

Hard to see, but it is a tree root that has grown through the rock, the tree is above considerably and quite healthy:

Looking down from the trestle at Hall Creek (or Hull, which is on the bridge. Who knows which is right?):

Kirk and Ford ahead of me:

Coming back on a trestle, there are rock climbers out climbing:

We did a couple miles and Walker was getting fussy (he was hungry) so we headed back. When we got to the turn off for our trailhead Kirk encouraged me to take Ford and keep walking, going West to Rattlesnake Lake and the end of the trail. After a quick nappy change for the wee one, I kissed Walker goodbye – and to be good for Dad – and they took off for the truck, while Ford and I kept going.

While out with Walker I admit I am lazy. I pack everything I can cram onto and under the jogger. It is easier to push than to carry it on my back. Good thing I had my new “purse” with me. A couple weeks ago I saw the Nikole mini backpack at REI, an urban yet outdoorsy backpack/purse in the travel section.The funny thing is it worked perfectly for a 5 mile trail section, where all I needed was a water bottle (it has an expandable water bottle pocket), a couple bars, my camera, etc.

The miles went by quickly. Ford and I were running 2 GPS units to see which was more accurate (more to come on that later!) and knowing Kirk was waiting for us kept our MPH up. Don’t think I have walked that fast in a long, long time.

Ford ahead of me near the end:

I need to get him running shoes. The kid is built for trail running and can blast me. It was a nice hike, both parts of it. I realzied that I hadn’t crossed the 6 mile mark in a long time, since last summer. My last longer hikes were in my first trimester with Walker. So an 8 mile hike was a great feeling!

Kirk and Walker were waiting for us at the end, with the lunch I had made last night, a rice salad and agave chocolate pudding. Delish!