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A Day On The River

Walker is now well into his 11th week and every hike or stroll with him is a learning curve. I am finding my groove, as he is. We walk most days, be it in our housing development (around 20 miles of roads so we lots of options) to the local trails. This morning was the second day of almost “summer” weather and since the World Cup is on…which Kirk loves watching – he dropped Walker and I off in Renton, Wa and we walked the Cedar River Trail back to Maple Valley.

I was rolling light and used my not-so-great 3 MP cell phone camera – ooh….the grainy photos! Ooh the purple hue!

We started at Cedar River Trail Park and caught a side trail up to a trestle over the river. This section was interesting, you are in the middle of a city surrounded by one side of either chain link fence or concrete walls, the other by the Hwy below. But in that they had planted wild roses that were thick in growth and blocked most of the highway view. The smell was fantastic.

Walker was happy as usual in the BOB and we zipped along.

The first couple miles were exposed, no shade and a straight line.

How far till home? Only 10 miles? Hey, why not keep going till we hit the ‘Claw?

The trail has sections that go under the highway or major roads and are done in cloverleaf style. The first one curved under the highway and was a chilly shaded respite where the swollen river raged by. The next one you curved under a tunnel and popped out into a forested section:

As we left the city behind us the views of the Cedar River opened up. The river stayed near most of the way.

One section was well below the highway, fully forested and with the river below. It was very tranquil and I saw almost no one. This section I could happily do again.

The last two or so miles are on an elevated section, above the road. It is similar to walking on a dike.

A look at the river as we passed over the last trestle in the section we were on.

My entertainment was this man below with his acoustic guitar…..

It was a good fast 9 mile “hike” (is it hiking on pavement?) and a nice morning with Walker. For now, my kit seems to be pretty well dialed in on what I carry and how we use it. I get him out every couple miles, spread out a blanket and let him have a good stretching, then back for more walking. It is different but definitely rewarding!