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What Others Bring Along

One of our readers, Erich, sent us these great shots of a 3 day solo trip he did recently.

Food layed out:

Cooking gear taken:

Closeup of meals:

And from the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park (and featured on our Cozies On The Trail section as well):

Thanks Erich, love them!


2 thoughts on “What Others Bring Along

  1. Would love to see an itemized list of the food products in the picture. Some of the items are a bit difficult to see with the light glare.

  2. Also, for those that are interested, the gear appears to be:

    Garcia Machine Backpacker’s Cache (Bear-Resistent Food Vault),
    JetBoil Zip,
    GSI\MSR\Primus pan and utensils, and of course
    FBC Cozy

    Maybe Erich could confirm…

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