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The First Ripe Berries of Summer

Last Saturday while hiking my eyes caught a glimpse of red and then black in the shadows along the trail:

Photo © Kirk Kirkconnell.

In the Pacific Northwest all too often one sees the invasive Himalayan Blackberry crawling and engulfing everything. It grows fast and strong, crowding out everything else. I am not a big fan of the Himalayan berry – I find it to be like Californian strawberries – big and not a lot of flavor. That and the seeds/papery dried bits are not appetizing at all. Seeing native Pacific Blackberries though is a treat.

Photo © Kirk Kirkconnell.

Like wild strawberries they are smaller and have a taste 100 times bigger than they are. The small fruit is perfect when it is glossy black. Best warmed from the sun, they melt in your mouth.

Photo © Kirk Kirkconnell.

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