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Gear Review: Pot Pal

So you ask…what is a Pot Pal? I had that same thought as I opened a package from my friend Jason Klass’s Backpacking Flyfishing website. Out came a couple various bags/pouches in different sizes. The top is a sturdy fabric, the under side is a softer waffled fabric, similar to a kitchen towel. Each size/style will fit certain pots (see the above link).

In use last weekend with my MSR Quick 1 Ti pot set:

It is a multi function tool made by Soul Trampers that I can see real potential for – in a way that the manufacturer nor Jason had seen. It is listed as a “pot holder, camp towel, stuff sack for your pot and organizer – and even use as a pillow (if one stuffs it)”.  And what was that potential that I saw? As a sturdily built (yet still light) washable pot cozy. That was the first thing that crossed my mind as I pulled the first one out. Almost all pot cozies sold are made of reflective bubble wrap, which while they work are neither stylish nor do they hold up over time. Bubble wrap ones are also quite bulky and while wipe able you can’t toss it in the washing machine to remove stains and odors.

Last weekend I took the one in the first photo with me to try it out while hiking. I didn’t have the sharp edge of the pot’s handle digging into other things in my pack, I used the back side (the waffle part) to wipe out my pot after boiling water and even used it to dry my hands on. Nice and multi purpose indeed.

Back to the pot cozy use – this is where I will be doing more testing in the near future. For one pot meals at altitude it is just what I needed!


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  1. I can’t wait to see your report on testing the Pot pal as cozy. I saw Jason’s blog post yesterday and I though that an interesting piece of equipment but if it does cozy as well it is my next purchase.

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