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Meal Review: Mountain House Wraps

Awhile back Mountain House brought out 4 new meals as part of a “wraps” theme. There is 1 breakfast and 3 that can be used as lunches or dinner. Of the 4, the only one under 1,000 mg of sodium for the bag was the Buffalo Style Chicken. It comes in at 980 mg sodium, 390 calories, 15 grams fat and a whopping 62 grams of protein. The sodium levels do come into play as many flour tortillas are in the 300 to 700 mg range per each one. (So something to consider!)

Opening up the package I did notice that they used a shredded style chicken instead of small squares. That was an interesting touch. The aroma coming up was hot sauce and cream cheese (no surprise!).

As with all Mt. House meals simplicity is the name of the game. It was “add 1 1/2 cups boiling water, stir, seal and let sit for 9 minutes”. I stirred it up well after it sat and I will be blunt: I couldn’t try it. I don’t know, it was the smell. I just couldn’t get past it. So I called over Ford “for lunch”. He on the other hand was excited for something different. So there you go……

I was using soft taco sized tortillas. There was enough filling to make 4 of those – and plenty overfilled. With dinner plate sized burrito tortillas you would get 2. This is a large meal. Ford set off to eat what I had prepared and gave up after the 2 of them. He couldn’t eat anymore, he was stuffed. Ford is pretty much has a bottomless stomach so it shows how much was in the bag. I would recommend this as a 1 person meal if eaten as an entree but as wraps it will serve 2 adults.

Ford liked the wraps, mentioning that they were mildly spicy and they didn’t need anything added, such as cheese. Would I buy it again? Not for me but if Ford wanted something like that I might for him. On the other hand something similar could be made easily enough with pouched chicken, Tabasco sauce packets, cream cheese packets and other items – and not need any hot water.

Edit: I knew there was a recipe somewhere on our website for something similar! Here you go, homemade Buffalo Chicken Wraps.