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Silver Falls

With the still melting snow out here our choices of easier ‘family hikes’ is limited so we choose Silver Falls Loop, a hike out in the Ohanapecosh area of Mt. Rainier NP. It is a hike we often due in late spring (it melts early) but this year the falls were still thundering even in mid July due to the late melting snow.

The Ohana was running fast and cold:

Ford and Kirk in the shadows on the bridge over Laughingwater Creek:

Walker was awake and enjoying the ride – and kicking me good as we hiked:

Walker passed out not long after and missed Silver Falls:

Passed out and missing the best part of the hike:

Me and my boys:

Kirk ahead of me on the way back:

Just a nice few hours in the woods with all my men.


3 thoughts on “Silver Falls

  1. Do you still like your carrier? I really want to “wear” my baby when he arrives in November, and am considering several different types of carriers. The last I remember you mentioning the carrier, you really liked it because it worked so well for hiking. Although, with our winter rains and mountain snows, that type of carrier probably won’t work since his legs will dangle exposed? maybe not if he’s in a snowsuit? ugh, i’m not going to know what i’m doing when he gets here! I just really want to be able to still get out with him, snowshoeing and hiking as much as we both physically can.

  2. I do like the Kelty Kangaroo – one thing is he is mostly covered in it – outside of the legs. He tends to put his arms against me when napping in it. So I put him in the one piece sleep n’ plays to keep the toes warm! One secret I did with Ford (he was a late Sept. baby) was to put his outfit on, add a hat and then in the carrier. Then after he was on, I would put a way too big jacket on and button up. The jacket kept my warmth in and him toasty!

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