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Recipe Photos, Updates and More

When Kirk and I moved Freezer Bag Cooking into Trail Cooking a year or so ago a number of photos were lost that were connected to the recipes. I am slowly going through the recipes and adding back photos but also when I see instructions/directions that could be better they are getting updated. Check out these recipes for ones you may have missed!

Cheesy Rice – updated instructions, dry weight and photo added. This is one of Ford’s favorite meals when hiking.

Bacon and Cheese Pasta – dry weight and photo added:

Quick Mountain Spaghetti – updated instructions, dry weight and photo added:

Creamy Mushroom Rice – updated instructions, dry weight and photo added:

Red Bell Pepper Pesto Pasta – photo added:

Shiitake and Beef Rice – photo added:

Greens and Reds Mashers – photo added:

Sushi Rice Bowl – photos added:

Asian Fusion Casserole – updated instructions and photos added:

Bacon Sushi – a classic joke recipe finally added (it was on our old blog a long time ago):

Chicken Cheddar Polenta – new photos added:

Curried Fruit Hummus – photo added:

Chicken Satay Rice – photo added


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