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Making pizza on a Caldera Stove? Yes! Check it our for a gourmet meal!

I found a couple more books to add to our Trail Library recently. A few are still on the way, those added recently though?
Kayak Cookery: A Handbook of Provisions and Recipes – First edition from 1986.

Packrat Papers (Volume 2) 1977 edition:

Was impressed as always by Frontier Foods extremely quick service. Placed an order on Thursday evening and received it this morning. Lots of goodies came:

Going to give the Easy Sprout a try (which I picked up through Frontier), It is a very light, made in the USA container for easy sprouting. We will see! Along with it I picked up a large bag of organic sprouting seeds.

Also found in the store recently a boxed kit by Casablanca Gardens (no website that I can find for them). It is a shelf stable kit containing couscous and a can of veggies, beans and sauce. It is veg friendly, very low in sodium and easy to prepare. It isn’t “backpacking” fare (due to the sauce being in a can) but would be great for an emergency kit or in a car trunk with your cooking kit (which everyone should carry anyways if they travel to remote trailheads!)

Last but not least….I am looking for a copy of “Outdoor Epicure – An REI Cookbook” from 1979. It was a thin pamphlet (53 pages). If anyone has a copy and wants to sell it do let me know….


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