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Walker’s First Hike To Sunrise

Ford and I took Walker up to Sunrise for his first time yesterday. We left rainy cold weather behind as we drove higher towards Rainier. The last 1,000 feet of elevation gain was in a thick cloud, one of those go 2 mph’s as you cannot see in front of you and on a cliff….but then we suddenly broke through it to a full view of Rainier and blue skies. We were meeting up with a forum member, Ponderosa, who was on a family vacation out West. They have two children under 3 so I picked an easy but scenic loop to do. We went out the service road to the Wonderland and then onto Shadow Lake:

Looking at Burroughs backside from the lake:

If you walk around the lake you can see Little Tahoma and the top of the mountain. By then though the clouds were rolling back in:

Walker wasn’t enjoying the sun here. For most of the hike I carried an umbrella over him to protect his pale skin:

For a quick lunch I made up a batch of Packit Gourmet’s Cheddar Jack spread:

We had it served on Triscuit© crackers…yum! Walker was hanging out wondering where his share was….

Ponderosa, children and hubby:

Me and Ford, Walker in front looking out at Rainier that was slowly being covered by clouds once again:

A last look at the Mountain: