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Biscuit Making 101

A question came to me this morning on making pan biscuits and if I had any tips to share. And who doesn’t love biscuits? Yes, they do take a little extra work but they are worth it if you carry a non-stick pot you can have easy baking. While a frypan lid is nice they do not come with pots as often these days and is extra weight. If you have one and want to carry it, by all means do. But a wide/shallow pot will work just as well.

For an easy start you can always use Bisquick© or any similar commercially made “baking mix”. For 2 you will want to bag up 3/4 cup mix in a new sandwich bag and mark “add 1/4 cup water” on it. Depending if you are having sweet or savory biscuits you may want to add sugar and spices, dried milk, herbs and seasonings, dry cheese and anything else. Just avoid anything that needs rehydration time unless you rehydrate it in a different bag and add with the water. You can make great biscuits with bell peppers this way! Pack with it 2 Tablespoons or 2 packets vegetable oil for cooking. Add the water to the bag, seal tightly and knead to mix. Heat half the oil in your pot over a medium flame, drop in the dough (you can shake it out of the bag) and cook till golden brown. Drizzle the other half of the oil on and flip over, cook till browned. Yum!

Want an easy to make baking mix to whip up at home? From Scratch Baking Mix and DIY Baking Mix.

Sweet Cranberry Pan Biscuits are worth the work!

Savory and hearty Pizza Pan Biscuits:

For the “baker” who doesn’t want to pan-fry anything but wants a tender steamed treat? Try Faux Baking! The recipe for Pizza Muffins is great with a hearty soup in fall.

Need a gourmet topper for plain biscuits in the cooler months coming up? Sweet Cinnamon Butter is a fantastic choice.

Not quite true biscuits but with Huckleberry season fast approaching it is almost time for Double Ginger Huckleberry Cobbler:


4 thoughts on “Biscuit Making 101

  1. Where did the Huckleberry Cobbler recipe go? I loved it when I used it last summer, but I can’t find my print out of the recipe. 🙁 I also really wanted to try the Pizza Pan Biscuits, but that recipe is gone as well.

  2. The recipes are in the new book, Trail Eats – but I will email you the recipes in a few 🙂


  3. hi, this is camper10469 from bp mag forums from a few years ago. you probably forgot me but ill never forget all the great stories of you and your son. i found this site by accident while searching for trail bisquits.

    hope all is well.

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