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Trail Cooking Gear Find: Easy Sprouter

Last week in an order I had picked up from Frontier Foods I got an Easy Sprout Sprouter to try out (also available on sale at Frontier). The sprouter is an interesting piece of gear. It weighs in at 4.9 ounces for the main 4 pieces (inner, outer, small seed inner piece and vented lid). Size wise it isn’t the smallest at 7″ high, 4 1/2″ across the top and 3 1/4″ on the bottom but neither is it massive.

The kit comes boxed with instructions and contains 6 pieces total though as mentioned above you only need 4 of them in most cases.

I picked up a package of ‘salad mix’ seeds to try out:

Frontier Foods carries quite a selection of seeds as well.

I followed the directions on the bag, it calls for less seeds than the manufacture does. The manual called for 1/4 cup or more of seeds, Frontier calls for 2 tsp. To put it this way – use whatever you like for amount. 2 tsp will give you enough for one person, do more and you will have a lot more sprouts. 1/4 cup would feed a family or a mess of hungry peeps.

All ready to go – all it needs at this point is time:

And yes, it works great. It is so simple almost anyone could do it. The seeds I used needed three rinsings per day, just where you gently ran some water over them and raised the inner cup out, discarding the water and then replacing everything back in. Within 2 days I had sprouts to eat. 4 days in I had a bumper crop.

Would I carry it while hiking? Maybe, maybe not. It is easy and it isn’t heavy but the bulk might get to me. For folks who carry a larger backpack and have room for it, the sprouter would be a great addition if you miss crunchy fresh veggies.


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