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Meal Review: Apple Waldorf Salad

New to Packitgourmet’s meal lineup is an Apple Waldorf Salad.

It contains an inner bag of the dry veggies and fruit, a bag of currants, mayo packet and blue cheese dressing packet:

Incredibly easy to prepare:

Add the dry items to the outer mixing bag (reserve the smaller bag for garbage), top with currants, then the mayo and dressing. Pour in 3/4 cup cool water. Seal the bag tightly after pushing out any air and then squeeze gently to mix.

One of the best measuring cups I have found for hiking is a simple ‘green cup’ (though sometimes seen in flame red and other colors). At $1.35 at REI or less (depending where you get one) it is a workhorse. It handles both cold and hot water and in a pinch works as a mug (though it only holds 8 fluid ounces). The measurement lines go all the way around the interior making it easy to use.

After letting the salad sit for 15 minutes I shook it up to make sure the dressing was mixed in and had lunch:

The salad is extremely rich tasting – it has 54 grams of fat, 1170 calories and 30 grams of protein for the bag. While I am sure there are men out there who could eat the whole bag I highly recommend serving it with a lunch or dinner – as the packaging mentions. I could see 3 to 4 people sharing it with wraps for lunch. It has a great texture – the cabbage is crisp, crunchy apples, pecans and celery and the currants were chewy and fresh.

The only potential downside is the blue cheese dressing. While I enjoyed it, do remember that it can be a strong flavor so keep that in mind for others you might be serving 😉