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Food Find: Crystal Light Pure Fitness

A Crystal Light drink mix not full of artificial dyes? Yes indeed! Crystal Light Pure Fitness mix has started recently started showing up on the shelves in the drink mix aisles of grocery stores. It can be hard to find but is well worth the effort.

The taste is different than was expected – I weaned myself off of artificial sweeteners (Nutrasweet© for example) when I was pregnant with Walker and since then I finally can taste the…aftertaste. Pure Fitness though uses a blend of cane juice sugar and Truvia™ (Stevia blend) and isn’t overly sweet. For coloring they used purple carrot and hibiscus flowers in the Strawberry/Kiwi flavor and more shocking…actual dried kiwi juice even for some of the flavor.

I was severely disappointed when I couldn’t find Celestial Seasoning’s Zingers To Go packets anymore, the Crystal Light ones will be a great substitute – and I found I enjoyed them more.As a side bonus the Pure Fitness flavors contain a mild amount of sodium and potassium, acting as a low strength electrolyte drink. The tiny amount of sodium also helps the drink not be as sweet.


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