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Food Find: Country Choice Organic’s Soft Baked Cookies

On the way to the trailhead this past weekend I was looking for a snack to throw in the packs and came across Country Choice Organic’s soft baked cookies, of which I picked up the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip flavor:

The convenience is having individually wrapped cookies that stay fresh, well worth any extra cost and carrying the empty wrappers out. The cookies are smaller in size, perfect for children. If one wanted less mess they might consider the plain oatmeal version, the chocolate chips tend to melt quickly.

Find these cookies in natural food grocery stores and some well stocked mainstream grocery stores.


One thought on “Food Find: Country Choice Organic’s Soft Baked Cookies

  1. Sarah:

    Thanks for taking our cookies on your recent adventure. We have a wide variety of organic products to fuel your whole family. One in particular, Oatmeal on the Run, was enjoyed for over 2000 miles by PCT through-hikers. Find out more about us at


    John DePaolis
    Chief Cookie Officer
    Country Choice Organic

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