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Looking Across From Erie

Last weekend Kirk and I had gone up to the Island for family things and we had been expecting cold, overcast weather. When in the afternoon it cleared up and we instead got balmy winds and blue skies. We hadn’t been able to get away till late afternoon and on the way home we stopped to look at a house I had lived in for a couple years along tiny Cornet Bay, which sits in Deception Pass State Park. It was back in the days when one could live in a “Wow!” place and not have the mortgage to go with it.We lived at the head of the bay, with Goose Rock visible as we sat in the house.

When we moved there it was culture shock, we had lived in an area with a bustling city and suddenly I was living 10 miles from town, no transit buses…nothing but eagles, coyotes, a vast state park to roam (it was across the road!) and a zillion jets from NAS Whidbey screaming over at odd hours. I may talk a lot about Rainier but one of my true loves is the islands – all of them, from the San Juans to the ones in the Puget Sound. The state owns a lot of land and much of it is open to the public. North Whidbey though is easy to get to…being that there are bridges connecting it to the main land. The park receives many visitors a year and it boasts 38 miles of hiking, much near the water.

But as we sat there, enjoying the views I could see Mt. Erie in the distance, across the water. And I knew where I wanted to go on the way home. Mt. Erie is on Fidalgo Island, which sits between the main land and Whidbey Island. Many people drive onto Fidalgo and don’t realize they are even on an island, the crossing is very narrow. Fidalgo is home to the town of Anacortes but beyond it lies a number of small peaks (and yes, small they are but wonderful none the less). The Island boasts many lovely lakes to go with the peaks. It is also home to the Anacortes Community Forest Lands (ACFL) with over 50 miles of trails and which is where Mt. Erie resides, the high point of it and as well of the island (at over 1200 feet). Sitting up so high one gets a birds eye view of the area spread out below them. Mt. Erie is one of the places where one can either walk up to or drive a steep but short road up to. When Ford was little he and I walked (and also him riding in his jogger on the bike friendly trails)

Below lies Campbell Lake with its tiny island, beyond is the water of Deception Pass, Cornet Bay’s marina is visible. The tan-ish area to the right is NAS Whidbey, which lies on West Beach. There are many little islands off of Hoypus Point on Whidbey.

Walker and I checking out the views below us. The viewpoints are varied – there are a couple of them, all worth checking out:

Walker hanging out with mom:

Looking across at Whidbey with Campbell Lake, Pass Lake and West Beach stretching in the distance. Across the Strait of Juan De Fuca is the Olympics:

Ford having fun climbing on the rocks:

Just a nice break in our drive before we headed back inland….


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  1. Great photos. I think your baby is appreciating the scenic views but he is afraid of the heights? Ha! Ha! Ha! I’ve noticed in the third picture that he is holding into the carrier.

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