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Commercial Meal Review: Basil Walnut Penne

Today’s lunch was Outdoor Herbivore’s Basil Walnut Penne:

The vegan friendly meal is a powerhouse: Cal: 870  Fat: 28g  Sodium: 465g  Carbs: 95g  Protein: 35g – it boasts whole wheat pasta and plenty of chunky walnuts. Easy to make and ready to eat in under 15 minutes. I have found for best results with the whole wheat pasta to add the oil packet and dry ingredients to the water and then bring to a boil. Gives the pasta a little extra help (the directions state to add the dry ingredients to boiling water).

The single serving bag is huge and will easily fill up even the hungriest man. If you have a smaller appetite you can easily split it between two with maybe a nice hunk of bread with it. The flavor is robust and not of the normal ‘commercial meals’ type. If you like organic non-dairy foods you will like this one. And beyond that – the sodium level on this meal is stellar!