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Commercial Meal Review: SW Black Beans and Corn Salad

For lunch yesterday Kirk, Ford and I sampled PackItGourmet’s Southwest Black Beans and Corn Salad.

Photo © Kirk Kirkconnell.

In the bag is the veggies, tortilla chips, dressing packet, oil and vinegar packets:

Photo © Kirk Kirkconnell.

The meal offers a couple ways to prepare it – first is a cold prep where you add cold water and let it sit for a couple hours to rehydrate. Great for backpacking – simply do this mid morning and by lunch you will be feasting. Second is to use hot (not boiling) water and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then let it cool down or you can do it as a hot meal and use hot water and eat hot. The hot meal isn’t on the package, that was my “hey…this should work” theory and it came out perfect. Hah! I used a cozy to insulate the meal – PIG meals fit in our quart FBC cozies well.

Easy to do, simply add the dry ingredients into the larger outer bag with 1 cup water and the packets, Seal tightly and knead gently to mix up, then set aside.

After a good 15 minutes I gave it a good stir and divvied it up between us. We had it with the sausage I talked about earlier, to round out the meal.

It has excellent flavor! Zingy, tart and the tortilla chips add crunch to the meal. It would make a very hearty single serving (I know it would be too much for me – Ford could eat it all) and it passed the Ford test with flying colors. I would also consider serving it over rice or couscous for a hearty dinner, the sauce of the salad would work well with it.