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Food Find:Mesquite Smoked Dried Sausage

In our lunch yesterday was a pack of Mesquite Smoked Sausage from PackItGourmet. We enjoyed it as an appetizer before lunch, Ford doing the slicing up:

A pleasant chewy texture and a mild flavor. No greasy aftertaste either. This is great snacking sausage, diced up it would be great added to a pasta or rice dish as well.


One thought on “Food Find:Mesquite Smoked Dried Sausage

  1. If you cut it right you can make a meat candy cane out of it!!

    Overall it was tasty. I might have added a bit more spice to make it pop, but overall the flavor was very robust for dried sausage and dare I say satisfying. It is not all greasy like many other ones I have tried like this. So much so that it never even crossed my mind that my hands were not at all a bit slimy until Sarah mentioned something to me. I would eat it again, that’s for sure. 🙂

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