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Food Review: Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

I love Justin’s Nut Butters, having been a long time fan of them…I have to say it was embarrassing to realize I had not tried any of the 3 chocolate flavors. Like how did that happen? How did I pass over chocolaty goodness? Well I made sure to remedy that this week 😀

I picked up some of the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, in the always convenient single serving packs. What is nice is it takes less kneading than the traditional nut butters require, it is also more fluid so it comes out of the packet easily with no ‘left behinds’. Justin’s is a ‘natural’ style product meaning that it will separate over time.

As I opened the packet I wondered what the texture would be like compared to a certain other chocolate hazelnut spread. What one notices right away is that they are not at the same. Justin’s has texture, a pleasing finely ground nut texture. It is also nowhere as sweet. I have always used Nutella© as a dessert item, perfect for topping cupcakes and going between cakes, or dipping fruit into it. Where as the Justin’s I could see it on sammies or on wraps. The lower sweetness makes it easier to eat bigger amounts. It is also dairy free, which Nutella© isn’t and also is gluten free. It is good stuff, it would be great on a wrap as mentioned, with a sprinkling of granola and a sliced banana. It is also wonderful stirred into rice pudding (hot or cold).

And best of all the packets are slowly but surely showing up in mainstream grocery stores making it easier to find.


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