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On A Lesser Traveled Trail

My friend Jennifer had emailed me to see if I might be free for a Mom & Kids hike. But of course! She has been recovering from surgery to her feet so this was her first hike of the year so we chose a shorter hike. After some discussion I came up with a choice that neither of us had been to, Twin Lakes. Tucked into a pocket below the PCT it is a lonely area. For one, it it is on the eastern crest of Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State. It isn’t in a wilderness, and parts of it were logged a number of years ago. The road in isn’t exactly laid out so that one even knows a road is back there. Most people who do come up the road are after berries at the road’s end at Windy Pass, where the PCT crosses. The berry fields at Windy Pass are legendary, though sadly nearly none this year due to the late snow melt out. So why go? It’s very peaceful. A short hike in a pretty woods. All that of course, and lake views add to it. Two years ago I had looked down from the PCT on a long dayhike (a 20+ mile day) and saw that lake far below and had wondered about it. But a mile? What kind of hike was that? It never seemed worth it.

Well until you have small kids and a friend healing that is! Maybe I needed that reminder.

Had to pay attention, the trailhead about jumps out at you when driving up the road. Good parking though and no NW Forest Service Pass needed though I still displayed ours. The sign was an old one, as I have noticed over the years in this general region you don’t trust mileage noted on them. They are quite often off due to changes and roads that have been put to bed.

Walker and I on the trail. These hikes are really helping me square up my new ‘kit’. I go home with mental notes on things I REALLY need to be carrying and add them in. It is good practice. This was my first hike where I carried both Walker and my daypack. Counterbalance and all that! It actually worked out pretty well though watching my pack’s weight is becoming even more important since half of the packs contents are his……

I found the trail to be quite pretty. The old clearcuts are a young forest now with a great canopy over, Huckleberry and Blueberry plants galore, mushrooms popping up (plenty of poisonous ones) and a babbling creek below us. The trail follows the creek most of the way, and you can just make out a lake in the photo, in the distance.

The lake is framed by Silver Peak, the lesser forested section to the left that is er..silver, is the peak. On the back side of that peak is Anette Lake, a very popular hike that Ford and I have done a couple times. The PCT runs below the crest as well (it is a nice section, lots of sun lit forest).

Walker hanging out waiting for lunch.

And hoping Mama hurries up….

Having lunch, the ready to drink bottles are most excellent for hiking. They stay fresh until you need them.

Jennifer and her children:

We had been hoping the sun would brighten up the lake but we had a cold wind coming across so after lunch we headed back down the trail and enjoyed the warm woods. I got to nibble on ripe berries on the way back making it a bonus day.


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